Taller Peace Pole

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Steeple Shaped Stainless Steel Monument to Peace

Peace pole shaped like a very tall steeple and made of stainless steel.
3 times normal height
Close up of stainless peace pole shaped like a steeple showing the decorative welding along the edges.
Steeple shaped stainless peace pole

This peace pole is triangular in cross section with about 17 feet above ground and 3.5 feet below.

I added the text to this peace pole after this photo was taken. I am exploring cutting the text into it instead next time instead of adding it on top of the surface. I will take photos that show the text the next time I make one of these (I’m usually working on a deadline and don’t think of it until after I ship it).

Taller Stainless Steel Peace Pole Price
Price . . . $12,500 (free shipping)
translations included.

As with all of my peace poles, no cement is necessary to plant it. Dig a hole 3.5 feet deep and then back-fill around the pole with the earth that came out of the hole. See planting/installation. For this one you could dig a triangular hole.

Including the part that will be underground, this peace pole is about 20 feet long. It ships in a wooden crate. I can explain to you how to wrangle it so that you won’t need a crane to stand it up.

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