Stainless Peace Poles

Stainless steel peace pole with raised peace pole languages.

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These are maintenance-free and will last thousands of years.

I use two kinds of stainless steel to make these. The underlying pole is made of a kind (called 304) that will accept a mottling reminiscent of the patina on copper. The text is the opposite. It is a kind of stainless (called 316) that never will lose its shine, so it will continue to stand out against the darker, mottled stainless steel under it.

Planting / Installing
No cement is necessary to plant these peace poles. Just use a post hole digger to dig a hole 20 inches deep. Set the pole in it and back fill it with the earth that came out of the hole (see Installation).

Stainless Steel Peace Pole Price
Price . . . $4,500 (free shipping)
4 translations included.
Additional peace pole languages are $150 each. 2 can fit on each side, so 4 additional are possible for a total of 8.
It is about 9 feet tall after planting.

A 14 ft tall one with 7 sides can be seen at this link. 6-sided ones of various lengths are listed on that page as well.

Six-sided Stainless Steel Peace Poles with text cut through.
I also make a six-sided stainless pole with text that is cut through, rather than text that is raised, at this link.

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